Welcome, my friend and fellow citizen of the world, to Think Anonymously! I am Anonymous (and no, that's not my "real" name) and, as that psuedonym suggests, I am a member of the organization known as Anonymous. And just to preemptively answer your impending question, my friend, no, I am not a hacker nor do I have any interest (or the necessary skill) in becoming one. See, that's a common misconception that's being promoted and thrown about in the media: that the members of Anonymous are just a bunch of glasses-wearing, acne-covered dorky teens with some skill in hacking and a little too much free time that, just for the hell of it (a.k.a. "lulz"), break into governmental agencies, multi-billion dollar corporations, and the like. That view of us is completely false (seeing as that would be LulzSec :). And that encompasses my purpose in writing this blog: to get the voice of Anonymous out there, in the public's eye, so that people may be able to hear both sides of Anonymous' story, not the biased, one-sided account reported on by the media.

So, who is Anonymous? Well, to put it simply, we are a group of people, from all around the globe and from all walks of life, who hold two core beliefs above all: we believe, with every fiber of our beings, that all people are equal, and, in that equality, have a few basic, "inalienable rights: ...Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." And, we believe that our right to liberty, to the most basic human freedoms, most especially the right to think freely and to freely express those thoughts in a public or private forum, are being violated by the governments of the world through censorship and espionage.

So, what does Anonymous do about these gross violations of our most basic civil liberties? We fight back. No, not through violence, rebellion, or warfare, but by peacefully doing what we believe, nay, what we know is right! And yes, some of what we may do is illegal, but, like Thoreau, like Gandhi, like King, we believe in nonviolent civil disobedience, the peaceful refusal to obey the law, commands, and orders of the government that we disagree with and feel violate our natural liberties. We believe that man must obey his conscience first, rather than human law.

And so, my friend, are you ready to join the movement to defend your inalienable rights and freedoms from the forces of oppression? If your answered that question with a roaring, defiant "YES!", then read further, take a look at our website and forums at whatis-theplan.org, and see how you can get involved today.

And remember one thing, my friend: change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitablity, but comes through continuous struggle. And so, we must straighten our backs and work, fight for freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent. So, friend, straighten your back, hold your head high, and look forward into the rising sun, towards a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Necessity of Change

The following passage is a comment I read on a news article, "Anonymous Offers 'Preview' of Hacked Italian Police Files", and I was, simply, absolutely inspired by it, inspired to strive for better, on behalf of myself and all of my fellow citizens of Earth. As soon as I read that post I knew, for certain, that what I have been and still am doing on behalf of Anonymous is not only the right course of action, but necessary to ensure that my way of life, and those of my brothers and sisters worldwide, is not further restricted and obliterated. I knew, for certain, that what I am doing is not in vain. So, read on, my friend, and I hope that you too share in this great inspiration:

"I personally feel like our society has been quagmired by the elite and the rich and as such we are on the brink of a social collapse. Our society lacks morals, virtue, ideals, ambition, the only thing we value is greed and power and we do nothing but try to fight our way to the top all in a selfish struggle for the collective "me". The masses are blinded by consumerism and the shiny advertisements and the meaningless words and empty promises spewed forth by the politicians they believe have their best interests at heart, when in reality the politicians are nothing but actors putting on a show so that the truly wealthy can maintain their power and dominance over society.

Even as our economies crumble around us, countries are engaged in wars over resources that should be obsolete if not for the ruling class preventing true scientific pursuit and discovery. Alternative means of energy, new and efficient means of transportation, true research into health and medicine all being blocked by the greed of companies that hold all the money, all the power and use it to distort and distract us from the truth. Pharmaceuticals pushing more and more drugs on you, not for their medical benefits, but for the profit they reap from your perceived illnesses. Energy independence is achievable, extremely fuel efficient cars, even cars that run on hydrogen or electricity are not technological myths but are achievable, they exist now right this very second and are completely doable with our current technology and are more then cost efficient to design and manufacture, yet there is no demand for them, no ambition to do better, to truly be efficient, no drive to truly push the boundaries of human ingenuity all because there is wealth and power invested in our current infrastructure and to destabilize that with new innovations would mean a potential shift in power for the elite, and they must stop that at all costs.

Why is our society obsessed with meaningless gadgets and products that do nothing to improve our lives, why are we still using dial up and cable internet when you can have networks that have speeds that exceed 70GB/sec transmission rates. When did society become complacent and satisfied with mediocrity, when did we instill these beliefs into our children, our future generations that the status quo is what you should expect and that to want more is asking too much. When did our governments become so corrupt and self absorbed that they no longer debate real issues, that they no longer follow through on promises, that they only worry about protecting their personal investments and being reelected rather then upholding the values of their country and acting as a true leader.

I ask myself this everyday and i ask you the same, why should we accept the status quo and not strive for more when we are capable of so much more as a whole, why should we live in countries whose leaders refuse to make the changes necessary to truly revitalize your countries economy, its infrastructure and push it and its people towards a brighter tomorrow.

I believe Anonymous is striving for something similar and i completely support their efforts to maintain a truly open and free society and its astonishing that the public paints them as these cyber criminals and terrorists because they question the government and corporations actions despite having time and time again proven that corporations and governments are hiding the truth from you and are not looking after your best interests, whether it be security of private and sensitive information, or their corrupt means and illegal activities that abuse their power and take advantage of the powerless."

My friend, change is not only necesary in this great universe of ours, but the only constant that exists in it. People, places, things - they all come and go. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past of present are certain to miss the future.

So, my friend, I urge you, be the change for a better tomorrow; if not for the brothers and sisters with which you share this world, then for you sons and your daughters, your children, and you're children's children, and for their children, and for your descendants from here until eternity. Will you stand aside while their lives, which won't begin for decades, centuries, millenia, are decimated now? Will you watch blandly as their basic freedoms and liberties, their natural-born human dignity, is restricted and torn apart today? Or will you be the change, for a better tomorrow, for a better humanity?

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